We love yoga at Breathe Como!

Breathe Como was created out of a desire to share the powerful tools of  Baptiste yoga.
The practice space is a place where we welcome you to unwind and let go of your stress, your worries or anything weighing on you . We invite you to smile, laugh and to just be without worries of judgment, self-doubt, fear or anything else that is getting in your way to show up fully! Any person who walks into our doors will be welcome exactly as they are with no expectations.Our teachers who collaborate with the studio work from a space to uplift you! They will challenge and support you to allow exactly where you are today.

Our classes are mixed levels for a reason. You come and do what you can do where you are today.
If you need to dial it down, you do that, if you need to dial it up, go there! We will offer you the tools and support for exactly where you are in your practice.
In the end you will leave the studio space with a great sense of lightness and spaciousness created through your work on your mat, which will allow you to show up powerfully in your every day life!

Never practiced yoga? Fantastic! What do you have to lose? We await you!

Open Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Appropriate for any fitness level and any age.


    200 hours Yoga Alliance
    Lake Como Italy

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